The Model

The four quadrants of wellness includes a documented clinical model of comprehensive health evaluation adapted from eastern healing philosophy. This model looks beyond the traditional model of evaluation in healthcare and reinforces that the body was designed to be self-healing and self-regulating when given the proper care. This model challenges practitioners to embrace a broader role in the dimensions of wellness care and encourages clients to take an active role in their healing.

Creating a personal wellness plan is a process that involves addressing the whole person. Your Wellness Connection practitioners are trained and experienced in all four areas of wellness, allowing them to lovingly support clients through self-awareness and healing. Our wellness model strives to identify and address imbalances between each area of health so true healing can begin.

Our wellness journey begins in the heart. Heal the heart and heal yourself.

The 4 Quadrants to Well-Being

  • Mechanical Quadrant– physical or structural body including bones, muscles, tissue and nervous system. Enhanced with chiropractic, massage therapy, body movement and exercise, stretching, proper sleep posture, spinal hygiene
    Negatively impacted by posture imbalances, spinal subluxations (link to definition), lack of movement / exercise
  • Chemical– body chemistryEnhanced with whole foods diet, high nutritional intake from food and quality supplementation, adequate hydration, daily fish oil, high protein breakfast. Negatively impacted by processed foods, refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, environmental toxins, caffeine, excessive alcohol
  • Energetic–life energy, chiEnhanced with acupuncture, energy work, peaceful alone time, organized living spaces, laughing, dancing, time in nature. Negatively impacted by cluttered living and working spaces, energy drains, excessive electronic usage
  • Psychological / Spiritual– connection to higher power, emotions, personal missionEnhanced by counseling and coaching, self-love, fulfilling relationships, balance of work and play, gratitude, meditation. Negatively impacted by life-changing events, chronic stress, deep rooted negative and negative thoughts, lack of joy
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