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We want to foster connection is by sharing with you all the amazing wellness resources we have in Kansas City.
Check out our upcoming classes and events below. Hope to see you there!


31 Days of Kindness

Begins: October 14 to end of
Ends: November 13 (World Kindness Day)
Location: Daily emails
Price: FREE!

The Kindness Campaign is a virtual journey together to tap into the healing power of kindness, first with yourself and then spreading that ripple out to others in your lives and communities. It is free to join, as it is our way of paying forward the kindness, acceptance and support shown to us at times when we felt lonely and like we didn’t matter.By saying yes to joining us, you will receive the a daily email. Each email will contain a small message about kindness, how it affects the well-being of the giver and the receiver, and a simple act of kindness you can choose to do that day. We used the word “choose” because we don’t want this journey to cause any stress in your life. We understand that there will be days you aren’t able to participate with today’s act of kindness. We recommend following your heart in this – and doing what you can, when you can. Even one small act can launch a ripple of pay-it-forward kindness acts in the world.We officially kick-off the campaign as a group on October 14 to end of World Kindness Day (November 13). However, you can sign up at any time throughout the year on your own or as a separate group doing it together.


Sound, Alchemy & Your Divine Blueprint

Date: Thursday, November 10, 2022
Time: 6:30PM — 7:30PM Central Time
Location: Your Wellness Connection
Price: $33 per person
Teachers: Joshua Inacio and Rama Inacio

Our universe is built from resonance, and for us as humans, vibration is an aspect of every breathing moment. When we apply ourselves through conscious use of sound, the effects are truly transformative and can be felt for days! We invite you to this beautiful group – facilitated by Rama Inacio and supported by Ascended Master Saint Germain – in which aspects of your Divine DNA will be activated “that you may be gracefully steered on your soul’s path”. To complete the session Joshua will create a ‘Soul Song’ for the group, in which the energies we have received and amplified will be put into a form which can receive from again and again. Through various techniques such as toning, tuning forks singing bowls chimes and modalities he has developed himself, Joshua will support deep healing, clearing and infusing light to your auric field, etheric body and physical body. It is a deeply soothing and profound experience. Joshua has had success helping individuals with the following physical conditions· anxiety & depression Irritable Bowel Syndrome & acute stomach pain, Thyroid imbalances, high blood pressure, joint pain (knee & shoulder) Autism & ADHD and blood clots.