In a holistic approach to wellness, a sense of mental and emotional well being is necessary for true balance. Counseling is a means to nurturing our emotional needs and allowing an unbiased professional to guide you through life’s challenges and personal growth.

Our licensed clinical professional counselors empower people with knowledge and skills to help them maximize their potential, make positive changes in their lives, and achieve their goals. Counseling benefits can include: identifying goals and potential solutions, improving communications and coping skills, and strengthening self-esteem. The strictest guidelines for confidentially are always upheld.

Do I need Counseling or Coaching?

At various times in life, situations may be difficult to handle alone and professional assistance may guide a person to better emotional health and clearer thinking. These challenges may include:

• Family or relationship issues
• Emotional upsets
• Anxiety, depression or other emotional or mental issue
• Illness or disability and their social or emotional difficulties
• Death of a loved one
• Adapting to life changes or transitions
• Educational and career decisions

Individual or group sessions generally are 50 minutes in length. Initial consultations identify goals and benefits of future sessions. Matters of confidentiality and financial arrangements may also be discussed during the first visit. If needed, alternative service arrangements can be made for follow-up or referral.

Personalized Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

Coaching is the missing link of most wellness programs, leaving clients on their own to carry out the recommendations of a well-intentioned doctor or health practitioner. Our coaches are your wellness advocates, personal educators, and motivators. Our Wellness Coaches are trained in fundamental wellness principles, advanced dietary practices and basic exercise and stretching protocols. Together with your input they will customize a wellness program that meets your individual needs and lifestyle.

Individual Coaching Sessions are based on individual needs, information, and goals. These sessions are intended for individuals that have immediate needs that require only one session / topic. Examples of topics may include: how to live dairy free, eating gluten free, and balancing pH levels diet. (Ask Shelly For pricing.)

Grocery Shopping Tour is a detailed tour of local grocery store educating the client on different vegetables, fruits, and grains that they may not be familiar with. Instruction will be given on how to prepare and incorporate these items into their daily life.

Initial Health/ Nutrition History is required prior to beginning a 6 month Wellness Program and includes a comprehensive discussion regarding health / nutrition challenges and wellness goals designed to:

• Establish a safe open relationship
• Have your health concerns truly heard
• Find the connection between life style and health concerns
• Identify hidden factors that lead to self sabotaging your success
• Meet you where you are with your nutritional status and working from that point forward
• Identify mechanical, chemical, emotional, and psychological imbalances contributing to your health concerns
• Reveal your history with food and how it affects your current condition
• Identify areas of your lifestyle that need to be addressed so a customized plan can be developed.

  • Subrena Hicks
    Subrena Hicks MA, LPC, NCC

    Love In Gray Counseling – Specializing in helping identify current life stresses, and creating new, healthier patterns, overcoming life’s struggles and meeting people where they are at.

    phone: 913.353.8793
    hours: By appointment only

    Subrena is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Kansas. She received her bachelor’s in business administration & management from Friends University and completed her Master of Arts in Counseling from Mid America Nazarene University in 2016. She is currently a Nationally Certified Counselor and works with a variety of clients such as individuals, couples, families and adolescents. Her treatment approach to therapy is Experiential, and Attachment based. To learn more about this technique click here.

    Mrs. Hicks strives to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment while showing compassion to help identify current life stresses, and creating new, healthier patterns. She believes in helping people overcome life’s struggles by focusing on each person’s individual needs, and meeting people where they are at.