• Katie Van Ommeren
    Katie Van Ommeren Medium, Certified Energy Healer and Reiki Master

    phone: 816.419.4938
    hours: Contact Katie via text or email to schedule appointments.

    Hello! My name is Katie Van Ommeren and I’ve been a medium, certified energy healer and Reiki Master for the last decade. I’m a KC native but my healership training began with an amazing Hawaiian Shaman (Kahuna) after graduating from college in California. After moving back to the Kansas City area and starting my family I continued my training in several forms of healing modalities through Core Star Energy Healing School and the Japanese healing technique called Reiki. I’ve been certified at the master’s level in both Usui and Karuna Reiki by several different teachers.

    My work as a medium evolved rather organically from random, life-long experiences with communication from the “other side”. After my own mother made her transition from the physical 10 years ago, the doorway to being able to see, hear, feel and even smell (Old Spice when it’s my grandfather!) beings in the non-physical truly burst open. The comfort and peace from being able to be in contact with mom after her passing was something I love to share with others by being the voice for their own loved ones.

    My passion is to offer what I have learned which centers around the reality that we are loved unconditionally beyond what we can imagine and we are meant to thrive and experience deep happiness and meaning in life. Energy healing sessions and readings involve sharing the insights and tools that come through from the other side to help you live connected to your own spirit and experience deep, profound emotional, physical and mental healing.

    Clients can choose to have an energy healing, a reading or a combination session.

  • Taryn Kelly
    Taryn Kelly RMT, CTA, C.MI, Touch for Health Facilitator, Pranic Healer

    Mind-Body-Balance – Specializing in Reiki, Touch For Health, Pranic Healing, Transcutaneous Acupuncture, meditation, guided imagery, and the use of essential oils.

    phone: 913.568.5287
    hours: 4th Saturday of the month by appointment

  • LaShonda Brown
    LaShonda Brown BodyTalk Practitioner, Motivating Inclusive Insightful Healer

    Health Journey, LLC – Specializing in BodyTalk, holistic wellness coaching, and essential oils

    phone: 816.945.4463
    hours: Tues, Thurs, and a few Saturdays of the month by appointment.

    LaShonda Brown married to Antwyn Brown for 18 years and mother to Destini Brown. She attended the University of Missouri Kansas City where she achieved a Bachelor in Chemistry in 2009 to go on to Baker University to achieve her Masters in Business Administration with a Healthcare Administration concentration in 2013. She began to seek out natural alternatives for her own illnesses as early as 2005, in doing so she gained basic training in Iridology, trigger point therapy. Once experiencing BodyTalk she decided to become a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. In 2013, she started training in BodyTalk and actively began her business with doTERRA Essential Oils. After practicing BodyTalk for a few years she achieved her certification in August 2015. Her wealth of knowledge and heighten intuition she is able to holistically coach clients on their health journey spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. She has made a commitment to help other on their health journey to inspire them to start healing their entire body and mind one step at a time. She enjoys servicing clients across the nations and spending time with her family.

    A note from LaShonda: My quest is to facilitate holistic healing with various tools in my tool box to bring about core HEART healing, encouraging and motivating you to heal from your hearts core to change not only your life holistically but all those who you come into contact with. I believe if I can help you manage your emotions, improve your spiritual awareness the physical and the mental will take care of itself. I look forward to working with you!

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