In our modern society taking time for ourselves with massage is no longer a luxury; it’s a means to replenish our body and mind. We believe the role of massage therapy is to support the body’s own healing capacity by integrating with other natural healing disciplines. Therapeutic massage helps quiet the mind, relax the body and facilitate connection with our higher good, our spirit.

Massage promotes wellness by improving circulation of blood, facilitating the removal of metabolic toxins, and supporting immune system functions and promotes healthy skin. Relaxing soft muscle tissue supports skeletal function and alignment and improve joint mobility. Regular massage can be helpful in eliminating tension headaches, relieving tired and sore muscles, and reducing stress and anxiety. Massage therapy creates a sense of well being and balance that the body needs to renew itself.

What to expect

Our massage therapists are highly ethical and concerned foremost with client comfort. Once clients are escorted to a private room, therapists take time to understand the client’s desires and goals prior to each session. Then the therapist will leave the room to allow the client time to get comfortable on the massage table. Soft music and dimmed lighting are used to enhance relaxation and the overall massage experience.

Prior to or during each session clients are encouraged to ask questions or share concerns as necessary. Clients are in control of their session and are welcome at any time to request changes in massage pressure, room temperature, or otherwise to enhance comfort.

Make an Appointment

To schedule an appointment with a Massage Therapist, please call their number directly or visit their website if provided.

  • Heather Farren
    Heather Farren LMT

    Filigree Massage Therapy – Specializing in Thai Yoga Massage, Stretching, Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage and Swedish Relaxation Massage.

    phone: (816) 674-0676

    I graduated from MTTI in 2005. Throughout my career I have focused on finding new ways to help my clients regain their mobility and comfort.  I’ve drawn inspiration from a variety of massage modalities to help bring my client’s body back into alignment. Thai Yoga has influenced my technique the most and I incorporate some of the stretching into my table massages as well. Massage therapy has been incredibly rewarding as a career. There is no better feeling than being a catalyst that empowers my client’s to manifest change through their own internal healing mechanisms.

  • Laura FitzSimmons
    Laura FitzSimmons BSN, RN, CLT

    Prairie Star Wellness – Specializing in Manual Lymphatic Drainage Techniques and Healing Touch.

    phone: 913.343.0314
    hours: Tuesday and Wednesday 9-4

    I have been in the health care field for over 25 years assisting others with their journey to improved wellness. By using a holistic healing approach with my clients, I am able to individualize their care to suite their needs. I am certified as a Lymphatic Therapist, Healing Touch Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Aromatherapist.

    Since graduating from the University of Kansas School of Nursing, I have added training in Complete Decongestive Therapy which includes Manual Lymphatic Drainage. My focus is to help move your body’s Lymph fluid from areas of congestion and discomfort by techniques developed through years of research in hospitals. Each session blends Lymphatic techniques and Biofield balancing to assist each client on their journey to heal Mind, Body and Spirit.

  • Veronica
    Veronica CMT, LMT

    Specializing in Esalen, Therapeutic, Cupping, Trigger point, Table Thai, Craniosacral, Myofascial release, Pre-natal, Energy work, Deep tissue.

    phone: 913.378.6161

    As a JCCC School of Massage Therapy graduate, who utilizes innovative approaches, this Florida born healer has studied and adopted a variety of unique techniques from coast to coast. She is adaptive and highly qualified to meeting each individual’s goals for relaxation or long lasting pain relief.

    With over 15 years of experience, Veronica boasts a successful journey of improving lives and restoring health, wellness and balance as a licensed massage therapist. Passionate about her career, she focuses her energy and skill into creating harmony in the healing process. Veronica uses a complete wellness approach, incorporating therapeutic release, range of motion, and stretching techniques to induce deep relaxation to integrate mind and body, and enhance total body awareness.

    She is uniquely known for her expertise in ESALEN an Eclectic therapy. Esalen massage is a gentle, soothing massage that blends Swedish massage, Craniosacral therapy, Applied Kinesiology, Passive stretching, Yoga and Tai chi. Originated in California, it is unique in that it is based on consistent flow, full body integration and intuition.