Wellness is a continuum.

It is not static, but ever changing. We are either moving toward disease or toward wellness each moment we make a choice of what to drink or eat, how we think, how we interact with others, and how we move.

At Your Wellness Connection we meet people where they are, at their phase of health. We recognize that we are all on a journey toward wellness. No matter where someone lies on the continuum of health, we believe anyone can achieve their personal level of wellness.

We listen carefully to understand what challenges block clients from healing. These challenges can include self-esteem issues, past hurts, resentment, food allergies, depression, hormone imbalance, unhealthy relationships, under/overactive thyroid, etc. Our wellness model strives to identify challenges so true healing can begin.

5 Phases of Health

Crisis – disease stage, poor quality of life, limited function of body and / or mind, often chronic pain exists
Alarm – symptoms exist or an internal instinct is present that says something is not quite right
Sustain – neither disease nor wellness exists – this is considered good health in traditional medical disciplines, no symptoms, health is not a priority
Transform – the pathway to wellness, many daily choices promote wellness, proper nutritional intake, movement and exercise and positive thinking are being introduced into daily life
Wellness – dynamic vitality, optimal function, proactively make wellness choices daily, wellness lifestyle

The dictionary defines wellness as a “dynamic state of health in which an individual progresses toward a higher level of functioning, achieving an optimum balance between internal an external environments.”

Health is merely the absence of disease. Our approach to health is based on the concept of achieving a higher level of functioning in partnership with clients. In order to achieve wellness, you must address and proactively care for the whole person. By using a wellness model, which incorporates natural, complementary disciplines and includes a participative approach to health, clients are empowered to make wellness choices and achieve balance in all areas of health.

Our mission states, “We are your committed partners on your journey to optimal health.” For us, this means doing whatever it takes to connect you to your wellness. It is with deep gratitude that we touch lives and connect people along their wellness journey. We acknowledge that Spirit is ever present as we facilitate whole body healing.