Small changes can ultimately shift your whole life.

The Quadrants of Wellbeing connect you to a simple framework of daily practices that put the odds in your favor to achieving whole health and your optimum potential.

The 4 Quadrants to Wellbeing

  • Mechanical– The physical body is influenced by how and how often you move. Extended periods of pain are harmful to your body performing optimally. By the time you feel pain and discomfort you have likely had an issue for quite some time. Pain is your body’s way of getting your attention.
  • Chemical– The body’s chemistry is influenced by what enters it and what is released in its effort to maintain a state of balance, called homeostasis. You are what you consume and what your body absorbs from the environment. The body is masterful with detoxifying systems if they are adequately supported.
  • Energetic– The life-energy that courses through your body is influenced by external environments and energy sources. Healing can be accomplished by shifting energy to correct imbalances in the body’s own energy fields.
  • PsychoSpiritual– The interconnections between the mind and spirit influence the body in ways that are undeniable and not fully understood. Emotional and spiritual blocks can stress the body creating pain and dysfunction.

Small Changes Big Shifts – Put The Odds In Your Favor

True wellness is a blending of mind-body-spirit, a journey that creates a holistic state of being that is uniquely you. This book gives you simple tips to improve your wellbeing and create a healthy lifestyle. Listen to your body and apply a harmonious plan to achieve whole health and your optimum potential using the Quadrants of Wellbeing as your guide. Learn more at: