Reflexology is a therapeutic practice of opening energetic pathways through carefully stimulating pressure points on the hands and feet. It has common roots in ancient China and Native American history. It makes the entire body more conducive to healing and sustaining health by clearing energy blocks naturally. Reflexology benefits anyone who chooses a natural approach to health and wellness. It alleviates stress, helps rid the body of toxins created by illness, injury or inefficient metabolism and often relieves pain without any other interventions.

Summary of Fees

Service Cost
Reflexology $80
Wellness Coaching $100 – $120


  • Karen Kipp
    Karen Kipp HHC, Reflexologist & Holistic Health Coach

    Power Your Journey – Specializing in Reflexology, Holistic Health & Nutrition Coaching, Cleanses, Juice Fasting & Wellness Retreats

    phone: 913.302.4420
    hours: Mon-Thurs 8:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m. and Sat by appointment

    Karen Kipp is a certified Holistic Health Coach who has served clients for 18 years. Her knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm for well-being empower individuals with the tools they need to manifest their wellness vision. Her deep commitment to compassionately caring for the individual challenges is the catalyst for real change and renewed vibrancy, and her individually nuanced approach to your body will leave you relaxed and reinvigorated. Care for yourself with a regular reflexology appointment to support optimal wellness.

    Her services include wellness coaching, juice fasts and cleanses for groups and individuals, facilitating a variety of retreats and wellness presentations, and reflexology. She also works with a vast established network of healing professionals to offer additional resources as needed. Working with Karen will power your journey to optimal wellness.

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