• Alex McAnderson
    Alex McAnderson Reiki Master Teacher

    Villalobos Vitality – Reiki healing, Stress Management, Intuitive Life Coaching.

    phone: 805.304.0093 or 913.962.7408
    hours: Tuesday–Friday: 11:00 am – 6pm, Every other Saturday: 12-4
    email: alex@villalobosvitality.com
    web: villalobosvitality.com

    Alex McAnderson is a licensed Reiki Master Teacher, Stress Management Consultant, Mindful Leadership Coach, and owner of Villalobos Vitality who believes that everyone’s innermost self should be cherished and nurtured. For the majority of Alex’s career, she has dealt with relationships which is what has permitted her to be successful in whatever role she was playing. During her career, Alex has helped corporations and their executives lead from a place of oneness and empathy, seamlessly weaving spiritual work into the corporate sector. Through meditation and breath work, Alex has helped leadership teams align with their Soul purpose, supporting them in pushing through fear and limiting beliefs.

    This is because Alex provides a sacred space to help her clients achieve alignment and tap into their higher purpose in life.

    People describe Alex as having a powerful, healing influence with a warmth and kindness that is both calming and transformational. She walks alongside her clients without judgement or trying to fix them. Simply put, Alex guides everyone to find the light within themselves and walk in their truth.

    Enjoy this opportunity to learn with Alex how to stay rooted while also flowing through life’s cycles. We are always growing. Have faith that you are right on time.