Welcome to the Wellness Consortium!

We are Kansas City metro health and wellness providers and vendors passionate about whole person care and making a difference in the community.

We vary from medical doctors to chiropractors to local café owners and more! We understand it takes a tribe when it comes to living a healthy and vibrant life so we are committed to helping people live their fullest potential through the Quadrants of Wellbeing.

Currently, we have different monthly meetings in Shawnee, Brookside, North Kansas City and Lawrence. At these meetings, we share, connect, inspire and create change in the community.

If you have any questions, contact John Nab at john.nab@smallchangesbigshifts.com

Thanks to our sponsors Simple Science Juices and Optimal Living for partnering with us and creating positive change in our communities.

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Save and purchase your ticket bundle of the current 5 meetings for a discount. ($40 total for 5 meetings) Lawrence bundle is coming soon!

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